Company Profile

  • In this section you will overview your business, and the environment in which it will be operating. You should include:
    • A general description of your company.
    • Its goals and objectives, and the strategies you are using to reach them.
    • Significant factors which will affect the success of your business.
    • The environment and the competitive structure in which the business will be operating.

    This section should be described in a format that will allow the information in the rest of your plan to fit in.

  • The information contained in this section can be discussed in two categories:
    1. The business
    2. The industry and environment
  • The Business

    Briefly describe the basic facts about your business, including:

    • Background
      • Details about when and how the business will be started.
      • Type of company (ie. legal status), incorporation date (if incorporated).
      • Founders, key personal, owners of the business, with ownership percentages.
      • Key products or services.
      • Achievements to date.
    • Company strategy
      • The company’s market opportunity and how you will take advantage of this opportunity.
      • The company’s potential for growth and improvement.
      • Address the firm’s opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, and factors threatening its success.
    • Future plans and goals
      • The company’s goals and how it plans to reach these goals.
  • The Industry and Environment

    Describe the basic facts about your industry, and the environment in which you will be operating, including:

    • Industry characteristics.
    • Major players in the industry, including your competition, their strengths and weaknesses, and how you will be able to compete against them.
    • Industry trends and future outlook.